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A thorough skin check is part of a general physical examination.  When a suspicious or troublesome lesion is found, a biopsy may need to be performed and the specimen sent to a pathologist for evaluation.   The initial biopsy may be done by your family physician or by one of the physicians at the Plastic Surgery Center.  

If a biopsy is done by your family physician and further treatment is required, call us for an appointment.   If available, please bring any biopsy information or pathology report(s) to your appointment at the Plastic Surgery Center.  We have a commitment at the Plastic Surgery Center to expedite the treatment of patients with a diagnosed skin cancer.  Call us at 828-254-4444 and we will see you for consultation within three business days.

Excision and reconstruction can often be performed at the same sitting under local anesthesia, local with intravenous sedation, or under general anesthesia.   For complete and accurate diagnosis in your treatment, we utilize the expertise of the dermatopathologists at PML Pathology services in Asheville.

We look forward to working with you to evaluate and determine the appropriate treatment for your skin cancer.  Our goal is to completely eradicate the skin cancer and provide the best cosmetic outcome possible.